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Inside Mobile Cafe. Young people discuss issues of the day during the free ride session.


Mobile Cafe

Imagine a bustling urban landscape where time is of the essence and attending workshops or events seems like a distant luxury. Enter the Mobile Café, a groundbreaking initiative designed to reach out to the busiest of audiences and ignite meaningful conversations on the move.

Picture a vibrant bus adorned with eye-catching banners and window displays, rolling through the city streets, offering not just free transportation but an immersive experience in awareness and reflection. The Mobile Café isn't just another ride; it's a journey of enlightenment, where passengers are invited to hop on board and become part of a dynamic dialogue.

At the turning point, when the conductors call people to board the bus, the facilitators can choose to interact with the public, while the conductors load the bus.
The Mobile learning café facilitator engages with the students while the conductors load the bus.
ActionAid Liberia

At the heart of The Mobile Café are our dedicated youth facilitators, driving the bus of change day in and day out.  These include; two conductors, 2 -3 facilitators (usually two for the morning session and two for the afternoon session; the third can be a sign language interpreter on standby if any hearing-impaired persons board the bus), the register, the person responsible for registering and One or two security personnel. With boundless enthusiasm and expertise, they guide passengers through thought-provoking discussions on pertinent topics of the day. Whether it's environmental conservation, social justice, or community empowerment or political participation and there’s a seat for everyone at our mobile table.

But the Mobile Café isn't just about talk; it's about action. As passengers engage in lively discourse, they're also empowered to take tangible steps towards making a difference. From signing up for volunteer opportunities to pledging support for causes close to their hearts, every ride on The Mobile Café is a journey towards positive change.

Our methodology is simple yet powerful. With a fully equipped bus and a team of dedicated facilitators, we traverse the city's busiest routes, strategically timing our pickups to coincide with the rhythms of urban life. Each day brings new opportunities to connect with diverse audiences and amplify our message far and wide.

The Mobile café has been utilized in generating awareness, generating enthusiasm in increasing young people’s political participation Since 2020.  Find the Link to our Revolutionary methodology:  (5) Facebook. But our impact doesn't end with the city limits. The Mobile Café is a versatile platform that can adapt to any cause or commemoration, whether it's raising awareness for local initiatives or shining a spotlight on global issues. Wherever there's a need for dialogue and action, The Mobile Café is ready to roll. 

Join us on this transformative journey. Step aboard The Mobile Café, where every ride is a free ticket to awareness, reflection, and action. Together, let's drive change, one conversation at a time.