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Empowering Women and Youth: Transformative Land Rights Training in Gbarpolu County.

Empowering Women and Youth: Transformative Land Rights Training in Gbarpolu County.

Empowering Women and Youth: Transformative Land Rights Training in Gbarpolu County.

In a significant step towards empowering women and young smallholder farmers in Liberia, a two-day training on the 2018 Liberia Land Rights Act recently concluded in Bopolu, Gbarpolu County. This initiative, which saw the enthusiastic participation of 30 women and young people farmers from communities Bopolu, Farwentah, Gbarma, and Bopolu including the Rural Women Gbarpolu Chapter, marks a pivotal step in advancing land rights awareness and advocacy.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps

The primary goal of this training was to bridge the knowledge gap surrounding land rights, particularly for women and youth who often find themselves marginalized in land ownership and decision-making processes. The 2018 Liberia Land Rights Act is a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to protect and formalize land ownership rights, ensuring equitable access and use of land. However, for many, understanding and navigating these rights can be challenging without proper guidance and education.

A Community United

Farmers from Gbarma, Farwentah, Bopolu, and Rural Women Gbarpolu Chapter came together, creating a dynamic and diverse learning environment. The synergy of ideas and experiences shared among the participants enriched the training sessions, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Women and young farmers, the backbone of rural economies, found a platform to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

“For a long time, women were marginalized in owning land, having to rely on husbands or male relatives for land purchases. This led to many falling victim to fraudulent land transactions by trusted individuals. Consequently, many lost interest in land-related activities like farming. Rural women farmers in the Gbarpolu Chapter are grateful to the government for granting them land ownership rights.” Noted Hawa Koiwood member of Rural Women Gbarpolu Charter.

Transformative Impact Fund: A Catalyst for Change

This training was made possible by ActionAid Liberia under its project the” Transformative Impact Fund. ActionAid is committed to providing educational opportunities and resources, this is helping to create more informed and empowered farmers. By focusing on young people and women, ActionAid Liberia is ensuring that the most vulnerable and often women and young people farmers are given the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed.                 

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Throughout the two days, farmers were introduced to various aspects of the 2018 Liberia Land Rights Act. They learned about their rights and the legal frameworks that protect these rights. More importantly, they were equipped with practical knowledge and skills on how to advocate for themselves and their communities. The training has empowered them not only to understand their rights but also to assert them confidently.