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Date: 7 September 2022




ActionAid welcomes Grenada’s Simon Stiell as he steps into his new role as Executive Secretary to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). 


Teresa Anderson, ActionAid International's global lead on climate justice says:


“The UNFCCC’s new Executive Secretary steps into the role at a time when half the planet is in the danger zone from escalating impacts. Recent disasters including floods in Pakistan, droughts in East Africa and heatwaves across Europe show that climate complacency can no longer be tolerated in UN negotiations. 


“Currently the UN climate finance system offers no support to countries and communities needing to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of climate disasters. The continued lack of financial support for those whose lives and economies have been turned upside down by climate change raises fundamental questions about the mission and purpose of the UNFCCC. If the UN climate framework offers no help to those most harmed by climate impacts, what exactly is it for?


"Coming from Grenada, the UNFCCC’s new Executive Secretary must draw on his personal experience of being from a small island whose very existence is threatened by rising sea levels. He must ensure that the needs of vulnerable communities are front and centre in international climate talks, and that COP27 finally delivers a new funding facility to address loss and damage.


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