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CONSTULTANT NEEDED - Climate Justice Alternative Case Collection 2023

We look for models and practices that have transformative potential. This means a potential for scaling, replacing unequal and environmentally harmful systems by growing bigger and wider, affecting more people, or being adopted in different contexts. It can be a potential for 'scaling up' by changing institutions at the level of policy, rules, and laws, 'scaling out' by replication and dissemination, increasing number of people or communities impacted, or 'scaling deep' by changing relationships, cultural values, and beliefs for new ways of working and living to grow.

Against this background, AA Liberia is doing an innovation challenge to collect three cases from young people and women in Liberia. The rationale for this challenge is to transition from raising awareness on issues affecting girls (that everyone knows) to a progressive stakeholders’ engagement approach through evidence-based policy advocacy. This initiative is expected to amplify the ‘call to action’ that brings all hands on deck, including policymakers, donors, CSOs, and the Media, to confront systemic structures that work against girls’ rights, health, and well-being.


ActionAid Liberia is seeking the service of a consultancy of an individual consultant to consolidate the alternative cases from the innovation challenge and ensure they are in line with all the guidelines listed.
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